TM2 support

Looking to transport a bike, scooter, or even a motorcycle? This innovative equipment is made for you – discover the TM2 carrier!

The TM2

Transport your two-wheeler on your tractor

The TM2 equipment allows you to carry a two-wheeled auxiliary vehicle directly on your tractor. Attach it to the front or rear 3-point hitch, depending on your needs.

This innovative product provides autonomy and flexibility in your daily tasks.

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Using their electric vehicle or simply their bicycle, our customers estimate an average return on investment of 10 months due to the saved fuel costs!

To top it off, the TM2 carrier is adaptable to all two-wheelers and compatible with a wide range of options developed specifically by CR-Industry.

The chassis

Estimate your future savings

Save on fuel and labor time, spare yourself the expenses associated with assisted transportation.

Customer reviews

Thank you for their trust!

Advantages of the TM2

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The attachments for your two-wheeled vehicle

Customize your TM2

With compatible accessories


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