CR Industry

From the project of two enthusiasts to the birth of an innovative company.

Photo de Clovis Richard et Baptiste Cormerais, CR Industry

Our story

Issuing from an agricultural background, we have an intimate understanding of this environment and the challenges related to mobility and autonomy on farms.

This led us to establish CR INDUSTRY, based in Vendée, dedicated to designing, developing, and marketing products and tailored solutions under the TRACT’MOI brand!

With backgrounds in engineering and extensive experience in metallurgy, we aimed to address real-world needs of today’s farmers. Drawing from these insights and requirements, we have crafted a range of products—a specific mobility solution for farmers including livestock breeders, grain growers, winegrowers, fruit growers, and more—branded as TRACT’MOI. CR INDUSTRY markets these specialized products and options.

Our values


It is important for us to be close to the users of our solutions and to be on the ground by their side.

Made in France

We take pride in working locally, which is why our products are designed and manufactured in Vendée.


Innovation is at the heart of our DNA, with products developed to meet current challenges.

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Our team is here for you. If you have any needs or expectations, please contact us!